A Peacocks’ Exclusive With Jeanine

Jeanine at her workspace with her own handmade knitted bow in burgundy on her head

As you’ve probably heard by now, we’ve got an exclusive collaboration with accessories designer Jeanine Gabrielle! Hailing from a little island called Singapore, Jeanine’s creative and unique designs have caught the eyes of many a fashionista and accessory lover the world over! Aside from creating pieces to sell, Jeanine also offers customers the opportunity to customize an accessory for themselves or a special one, be it earrings, necklaces, keychains, cufflinks and even handphone cosies! So what made Jeanine decide to become an accessories designer? We catch up with Jeanine to find out.

Interview with Jeanine Gabrielle Goh, 27, Blogger and Businesswoman 

1. What got you started in creating your own accessories?

Well, I’ve been hand-making all sorts of stuff ever since I can remember. It wasn’t so much a decision to start making accessories, it sort of just… happened. Browsing through magazines I’d see pieces that caught my eye and I’d think to myself, “hey I could make that.”

It turned into some sort of a personal challenge, and perhaps discovering my knack for creating. Believe it or not the first actual “skill” I picked up when I was about 16 was crochet & knitting, my mum taught me. At least I know I won’t be bored when I’m old and confined to a rocking chair eh? *chuckles*

2. Why did you decide to turn it into a business?

Mmmmm, to put it simply, I derived more satisfaction from making accessories than I did with my full time events job which was wearing me out. Even though I worked really long hours, I still looked forward to going home to create new pieces, guess that was the biggest “sign”.

Before I registered “Jeanine Gabrielle”, I used to run a blogshop called “The Weekend Designer”. I didn’t really plan for it to turn into a full time job, after I left the events company I just wanted to dedicate some time to what I enjoy doing before I made more career plans, but again, I guess it just happened so I went with the flow! 🙂

3. Your designs are always creative and unique. What inspires you?

Latest trends, everyday things, and my customers!

Everyone has their own unique style, and working with my customers on custom items often triggers new ideas. I find inspiration in almost anything, shapes, colors, every little thing around us holds so much potential!

4. Have you at any point felt like giving up this business? Why?

Never! I mean, I do miss working in events, and I have entertained thoughts of going back to the hotel industry but as long as I can move my fingers, I will never stop crafting. Even if I take up a “proper” paid job, I would still want to continue running this business. My boyfriend loves and supports what I do too so I have no reason to give it up.

5. What spurs you on and helps you keep going?

My customers!

I love getting emails from my customers after they receive their purchases. Seeing photos of them with their accessories excites me even more!

If they are happy, I’m happy, and I’m happiest seeing that what I make with my own two hands can brighten someone’s day. And if they buy a customised gift, the love is passed on to the recipient! It’s contagious you know? When you smile the whole world smiles with you! 🙂

What I love most is that over time, my regular customers start to see me as someone they can talk and relate to, especially if they read my blog.

6. Any memorable customer experience that you could share with us?

Geeeeee that’s a toughy.

Hmmmmmm lemme see if I can pick one…

Okay, one of my customers was studying overseas but wanted to get a gift for his mum’s birthday. So I did the customisation, included a birthday card and had it delivered to her. When I heard back from my customer, he told me that his mum was so touched she actually cried! Honestly, I was lost for words… But it made me really happy to know that I was able to connect mother and son even though they were miles apart. It’s little things like these, you know?

7. Given the theme “Peacocks”, what sort of designs come to mind?

Ahhhhh, all sorts of things! (Sure you want to get me started?)

Bold, stunning, sophisticated, eye catching, loud, exaggerated styles.

After all, peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers.

Want to find out more about Jeanine? Follow her blog and don’t forget to check out her Facebook page for the latest updates!

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    Over the weekend I had a little Q & A with the team behind Peacocks Renewed. Check it out on their blog! xx

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